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About Me

Most people know me as "Joseph's Mom" or as Joel's wife...for many years, I would call myself "an executive enabler in charge of nothing...and candidly...I still am that person.  I help people to be better - I help them to develop personal brands, and be better people.  ​

I enjoy working with others and help them to become better at what they do.  As a producer, my job is to help others to tell their stories and do it better.  I enjoy helping others to succeed and be their best.  

My job takes me to wonderful places around the world and I get to do a tremendous amount of research during my journeys - reading good books, finding new websites, discovering great crafters and chefs.  

I have seen some very exciting places and learned a lot.  I have also discovered "perfect imperfection" may be a little easier to aspire to than trying to get everything "right."  Beauty is truly what you see and what you make!  

So here are some stories, some tips, some recipes and some ideas to help make your journey a little easier.  



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