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Baby Steps

So travel is back and we have a lot of friends who are out there traveling, but I am going to be honest with you...I am not quite ready to do that yet - maybe it's because I'm older -- when I was in my 20s I probably would have had more of a laissez faire attitude - but - right now - I am taking baby steps...small steps at a time...

So, as we live in London, we are taking one tank trips for the time being - we aren't ready for public transportation yet - even though I should now own stock in hand sanitizers and should have a separate room in my house to store all of the face masks I keep buying because we may need "just one more."

So...we have started to travel again...and we have started to go out again...I will keep you posted...and in the meantime, I will go back to reading the newspaper every day and watching the COVID19 numbers and pray for the world -not just for their safety in this pandemic but for a solution that won't put millions of people out on the streets.

Sending love to you all,


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