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Family Travel

Traveling is always restful and beautiful and calming - right? Especially when you are traveling with your family...what could possibly go wrong?

All the pictures of vacations look so peaceful - beautiful oceans, pretty people, bliss...

and then you get there! In my mind this is where I would love to go...but we all know that a mom will rarely find THIS peace...THIS place.

I never knew that part of a mother's, partner's, wife's job was being a travel agent - I just didn't.  I knew we were project managers, chefs, cleaners, interior decorators and all that - I just did not know that part of my job was finding a place to go, not just a place to go...finding the RIGHT place to go.  Once that place is decided on's about booking flights for all of us, finding hotels, renting cars and all at an affordable price so that we did not break the bank and hoping that at least one person in the family could say that they had "relaxed" or "discovered a new part of the world" during their break.  Easy right?  wrong!

I swear to you - I must spend a week on line finding ideas, looking at prices, comparing prices, looking at websites, returning to the first website.   Comparing prices again and repeating the whole process, only to come back to the original idea and then think "nope! Too expensive" - then price it out differently and come right back to it and book it a week later - only to find out that the "special price" that I had originally seen has gone up and I am now paying a premium!  Family travel!

Am I the only person who does this?  Do you do this too?  Or do you go to the same place year after year? 

Tell me what you do, I could learn from you - what is your family's favorite type of vacation? Where would you go back?  Do you do all-inclusive? If so - which ones do you like?  Which ones do you despise?  Are you a Disney family - or do you run away from the mouse?  

I would love to get your feedback? 

Thanks for your feedback - xoxo C

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