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Creativity is not a luxury

How will YOU be creative today?

I have always been a creative person but I also have a logical side that sometimes inhibits my creative growth. Does that sound familiar to some of you?

I mean, let's be honest - we want to create but we also realize that we need to keep a roof over our heads while exploring our creativity. Some of us hone our creativity in the wee hours of the morning, while working a nine to five job or selling ice cream (I've done that.) Others choose to follow their dreams 100 percent of the time while finding a way to monetize their passion (I've done that too). Another group decides that creativity is a luxury that is unimportant and ignore it because they have "far more important things to do in their lives" (this is a rut that I had recently gotten into.)

This is the point where I say this to you "creativity is emphatically NOT a luxury," it is a necessity and I implore you not to treat it at such.

BE CREATIVE EVERY whatever way that works for you. Whether is doodling on a napkin, taking pictures, collecting and restoring furniture, drawing coats of arms, cooking, heck...making masks...whatever it is that sparks your imagination...make time to do it. Do something for yourself because you want to or choose to do it. It's an incredibly liberating feeling.

Long ago - I learned that the best way to do a task is not because you "HAVE" to it, but rather because you "CHOOSE" to. Sure, it is easy to say "I choose to be creative." Let's be honest however, we still have bills to pay - so rather than say, "I can't create - I don't have time, because I need to earn a living," I will counter that by saying - you will be better at whatever you are doing when you start to think creatively and look at things from a new perspective.

And once you make time for creativity - you will find that it unlocks doors in more ways than you will ever believe possible. You might find that it will make you more productive and more interesting in your "normal" day-to-day interaction with others. Perhaps as a chemist who takes breathtaking photographs, you can explain your work in a more compelling way - who knows what the possibilities are?

So, today, I encourage each and every one to embrace your passion for creativity - enjoy your life - embrace your inner child - you might find that it helps your outer grown up to become a happier, more productive and more successful individual.

Good luck! And be creative - EVERY DAY!

So...are you doing something creative yet? Go on, get out there...take a picture, sew a dress, draw that dog on the corner - and above all - ENJOY IT!

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