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If you are anything like me, you woke up this morning, read the newspapers and wanted to throw the blanket over your head. What a very sad day for our dear earth. Between the man-made devastation of beautiful countries, spaces and cultures and the natural disasters hitting the world - today has been a very sad day for us all.

First of all, my heartfelt condolences go out to all the families around the world who have been destroyed by the bombings, fires and earth quakes that have made the news this week. Second, may we all shed tears for the animals who are now extinct or on the verge of extinction around the world because of our incessant greed and waste. Let us not forget that it is our responsibility as humans to protect creatures that are less able than we and that each person lost destroys the fabric of many more in the community. Today we mourn and shed tears for all the loss of life - great and small.

If you are anything like me, you want to help in any way that you have been reading articles and scanning the web to find organizations that can use our help. One of the most comprehensive articles I found for helping Australian's was in an article by The Cut in New York Magazine which details very specifically How to Help Australia Right Now. It is beautifully researched and gives fantastic ideas on how you can make a difference.

For those of you following the news in Puerto Rico - may I encourage you to support the work that Chef Jose Andres and World Central Kitchen who are mobilized around the globe. "Last year, WCK activated in response to 13 disasters — some of them natural, and some man-made. From serving children in the shelters on our border with Mexico to making deliveries by lamplight to those keeping watch over beaches in Indonesia, our fight to feed the hungry has taken us to more places than we ever expected." I recently read that they are now in Australia as well as Puerto Rico.

As a parent, I feel it is incredibly important to try to preserve the world for the next generation and to work toward a more humane society. We cannot sit back and watch politicians and business communities destroy our environment and our society. Please join me in supporting organizations that give back to preserving the environment and teach respect and understanding rather than violence and destruction.

We can all make a difference if we chose to take that first step...please join me in taking a step today.

I should not need to say this...but before you donate, please do you your homework before giving money to anyway - sadly the scam artists abound and there is always some lowlife who will try to make profit from someone else's misery.

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