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Travels with Calia-tivity

I took the road less traveled now where the heck am I?

so much to do and see...so little time to do it all..

I am the Calia of Calia-tivity Productions...a Slice of Calia and whole bunch of creativity go into Calia-tivity Productions.  

As food and lifestyle producer, artist and fixer, I have the opportunity to visit many wonderful places and as a mom and wife, I get to see the world through the eyes of a child and discover the wonders of every new place we see.  

This is where I share some of my personal life with you.  I hope you enjoy this journey of discovery, as much as I do. 

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30 pm in London - rainy and dark #london
Waffle Sundays!  Wishing you all a happy
Some of my favorite Places
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